COPPOCK, Patrick J

(SCIENCE) The role of community in Peirce's conception of science; (VIRTUALITY) The virtuality of meaning in thought (Norway) (Italy)

Patrick J. Coppock is a an applied linguist and semiotician, currently working is in the general field of academic writing research and mass communication, looking at changing norms for scientific writing and communication with increasing use of new electronic media as an environment for scientific cooperation and exchange. His wider research interests range from linguistics, psychology, philosophy, semiotics, communication science, computer science and artificial intelligence, curriculum development, educational reform and theories to philosphies and practices of mass-communication. He has also worked for a number of years in international sign language research and education of the deaf, concerned with issues such as developing bilingualism in deaf education, training of sign language teachers and interpreters, development of sign language teaching methodologies and materials and interpretation services for the deaf. He has been working with the philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce since the early 1980's, when he first became a member of the Peirce Telecommunity. His is interested in the historical development of Peirce's thought as reflected in his writings over time. Born in Manchester, Great Britian, he grew up in Northern Ireland, but has lived for twenty five years in Trondheim, Norway. He is now living in Bologna, Italy, where his wife, Patrizia Violi, is professor of semiotics at the University of Bologna. At present he is teaching a course in theories and techniques of mass-communication at the University of ReggioEmilia.

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