(SEMIOSIS) Energy Transformation and Semiosis

Dr. Edwina Taborsky is a professor of anthropology at Bishop's University in Canada. Her research interests explore the semiosic transformation of energy to information within the physico-chemical, the biological and the socioconceptual realm. She is particularly interested in the examination of societies as semiosic processes of energy/information transformation.

Recent publications include:
BOOKS 1999 (editor) 'Semiosis. Evolution. Energy: Towards a Reconceptualization of the Sign". Aachen, Germany: Shaker Verlag 1998 'Architectonics of Semiosis'. New York: St. Martin's Press 1997 'The Textual Society'. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
ARTICLES 2000 'The Complex Information Process'. Entropy. On-line Journal. pp 81-97 1999 'Evolution of Consciousness'. in: BioSystems 51. Elsevier Press. pp 153-168.

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