FARIAS, Priscila

(SIGN) Interactive diagrams for Charles Peirce's classifications of signs


Priscila Farias M.Sc., Communication and Semiotics, PUC-SP (São Paulo, Brazil), 1998 BA, Graphic Design, FAAP (São Paulo, Brazil), 1984 Priscila Lena Farias is a graphic designer and a Ph.D. student at PUC-SP Graduate Program on Communication and Semiotics. She is one of the founders of the Center for Research on Cognitive Science and Semiotics (CECCS), and a member of the Center for Investigation on Digital Media (CIMID) at PUC-SP. Her research interests include Peircean semiotics, cognitive science and graphic design. She is the author of the book 'Tipografia Digital: o impacto das novas tecnologias' (Rio de Janeiro : 2AB, 1998), and of many papers on graphic design, typography and semiotics. In the field of semiotics, her major publications include ŒNotes for a dynamic diagram of Charles Peirce's classifications of signs' (with João Queiroz, Semiotica 131-1/2, winner of the Mouton d¹Or 2000 prize), 'On guessing and reasoning: a reply to Paul Bourgine's "Models of abduction"' (1999), and 'Computers as sign users: considerations on J. Fetzer's approach to consciousness and cognition' (1998). As a graphic designer, her main interests include editorial, typographic, and electronic media design. Her typefaces are distributed by the Chicago-based digital type foundry [T-26]. She is a former member of ADG (the Brazilian Graphic Designers Association) board of directors, and the current Coordinator of ADG Design and Technology Committee.