(SIGN) The Classifications of Signs (I): 1867 - 1885, (SIGN) The Classifications of Signs (II): 1903

Anne Freadman is Reader in French at the University of Queensland. She has published widely in semiotics, with a particular interest in applying Peirce to issues in the theory of genre. Her articles on Peirce include: "Peirce's Barrister," History of the Human Sciences, vol 4, no.1, Feb. 1991 (pp.93-106); "Peirce's Second Classification of Signs," in Peirce¹s Doctrine of Signs: Theory, Applications, and Connections, ed. by Vincent Colepietro and Thomas M. Olshewsky, Berlin - New York , Mouton de Gruyter; 1996 (pp.143-160); "Charles Peirce's Philosophy of Notation", Southern Review, vol.26, no.2, 1993 (pp.186-203); "Music 'in' Peirce," VS/Versus, 64,1993, (pp.75-95); "The Vagabond Sign: Reflections on an Example in Peirce's Review of Schröder", Mattoid, 52/53, 1998, (369-378). ). She is currently preparing a book on Peirce¹s semiotic, The conversations of Neighbours: Charles Peirce and the Sign Hypothesis.

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