(EVOLUTION) Peirce s view of evolution; (METAPHOR) Theories of metaphor; (METAPHYSICS) Peirce and metaphysics; (SEMEIOTIC) Peirce s semeiotic

Carl R. Hausman is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Fellow Emeritus, Institute of The Arts and Humanistic Studies, The Pennsylvania State University, and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at the University of Louisville. He is author of A Discourse on Novelty and Creation (SUNY), Metaphor and Art: Interactionism and Reference in the Verbal and Nonverbal Arts (Cambridge), Charles S. Peirce’s Evolutionary Philosophy (Cambridge), articles in various journals, is co-editor of The Creativity Question (Duke), and Classical American Pragmatism (University of Illinois Press), as well as other books and is past co-editor of The Journal of Speculative Philosophy (Penn State).

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: 1960 Ph.D Northwestern University (Philosophy); 1951 M.A. Duke University (Philosophy); 1949 A.B. University of Louisville (Philosophy and Art).