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On-line editorial project:

The Digital Encyclopedia of C.S.Peirce is the first on-line encyclopedia to bring together the most recent work on Peirce, and work inspired by his thought, in several fields of research - Philosophy, Logic and Mathematics, Psychology, Ethology, Antropology, Sociology, Communication, Literature and Art Studies, Theoretical Biology, Philosophy of Science, Cognitive Sciences, Artificial Intelligence. The great advantage of the Encyclopedia's dynamic design is mirrored in its openness and responsiveness to new ideas. Unlike static reference works, it is kept up to date by a group of experts constantly adding new entries and modifying existing ones.

At the core of this project will be concise articles, ordered alphabetically, on concepts ranging from ABDUCTION, ABSTRACTION, to WILLIAM JAMES and ZOOSEMIOTICS. Each article will provide an introduction to an important concept in Peirce's Philosophy and Semiotic and will include a list of references, suggestions for further reading and a list of open questions (outstanding questions).

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Algumas noções sobre a Gramática Especulativa de C.S.Peirce: bases para a construção de classificações n-tricotómicas de signos