(ABDUCTION) Abduction as practical inference


Tomis Kapitan received his doctorate from Indiana University, completing a dissertation under the direction of Hector-Neri Castaņeda in 1978. He has taught at Indiana University, Indiana State University, Birzeit University, East Carolina University, and is currently professor of philosophy at Northern Illinois University and visiting professor at the American University of Beirut. His research is primarily focused on issues in metaphysics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of logic. He has published articles on the free will problem, intention and action, anaphora, propositional attitudes, indexicals, self-reference, logical form, enthymemes, and abduction. He is the editor of Philosophical Perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (1997) and Archaeology, History, and Culture in Palestine and the Near East (1999), and co-editor of The Phenomeno-logic of the I: Essays on Self-Consciousness (1999). He serves on the editorial board on Nous and Sorites, and is a contributing editor to a forthcoming volume of the Peirce Edition Project dealing with Peirce1s Minute Logic.