(INFORMATION) Peirce and information; Induction-deduction-abduction; (MATHEMATICS) Mathematics and semiotics; (MODELING) Semiotic status of modeling,

Emeritus Professor University of Bucharest, Romania. Member of the Romanian Academy. Author or co-author of 43 books (some of them: Algebraic Linguistics, Academic Press, New York, 1967; Introduction mathematique a la linguistique structurale, Dunod, Paris, 1967; Mathematische Poetik, Athenaeum Verlag, Frankfurt/Main, 1973;Contextual Ambiguities in Natural and in Artificial Languages, Communication and Cognition, Ghent, Belgium, vol.1, 1981; vol.2, 1983; The Mathematical Semiotics of the Visual Arts (in Romanian), Scientific Publ. House, Bucharest, 1982; Introduccion en la linguistica matematica, Editorial Teide, Barcelona, 1978; La semiotique formelle du folklore, Klincksieck, Paris, 1978; Mathematical and Semiotic Models in Social Sciences (in Romanian), Publ. House of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest, 1984; The Paradox (in Romanian), Albatros Publ. House, Bucharest, 1984; The Time (in Romanian), Albatros Publ. House, Bucharest, 1985; Language, Logic, Cognition and Communication, Univ of Tarragona, Spain, 1996) and of almost 400 articles in professional journals, in the fields of Mathematical Analysis, Mathematical Linguistics, Theoretical Computer Science, Semiotics, Poetics, History and Philosophy of Science, Mathematical Models in Natural and Social Sciences. One of the initiators of Mathematical Linguistics and Mathematical Poetics. Appointed in the Editorial Boards of 25 journals in the above fields, from Romania, USA, France, Canada, Germany, Spain, Israel, Poland, Holland, Hungary. Invitedlectures in almost all European countries, in USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, China. Fellow of the Instituteof Advanced Study, Indiana Univ., Bloomington, USA. "Directeur d'etudes", Institut d'Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris. Invited Professor to a large number of universities, in France, Germany, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, Spain. Prizes in mathematics and in linguistics from the Romanian Academy. Prize from "Struga Poetry Evenings", Makedonia, for works in the field of Literary Theory and Analysis. Honorary Member of the Toronto Semiotic Circle, of Como Semiotic Circle and of the International Association of Visual Semiotics.

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