NOETH, Winfried

(LANGUAGE) C.S.Peirce: Pathfinder in Linguistics

Winfried Noeth is Professor of Linguistics and Semiotics at the University of Kassel, Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Cultural Studies of this university, Visiting Professor at the Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC), Honorary Member of the International Association for Visual Semiotics, and President of the German Association for Semiotic Studies. After studies at the universities of Münster, Geneva, Lisbon, and Bochum,Nöth¹s academic career began at the University of Bochum with he pioneer in Evolutionary Cultural Semiotics, Walter A. Koch. The topic of his PhD thesis of 1971 was Semiotics of the Happening. Nöth¹s postdoctoral thesis (Habilitation) of 1975 is entitled Dynamics of Semiotic Systems. His Handbook of Semiotics of 1990 (Indiana Univ. Press) was awarded the Choice Outstanding Academic Book prize in 1992. The most important books edited by Nöth are Origins of Semiosis (1994) and Semiotics of the Media (1997). Nöth has written on a large number of topics in Theoretical and Applied Semiotics. His 130 articles, eleven authored and four edited books are on topics concerning semiotic aesthetics, semiotics of language, literature and culture, semiotics of the image (with Lucia Santaella), semiotics of maps, the evolution of semiosis, systems theoretical semiotics, semiotics of the media, and in particular on semiotics of advertising (see >>). With Lucia Santaella, Nöth is currently developing a DAAD research project on intercultural aspect of word-image relationships in the media in Brazil and Germany.