(COMPLEXITY) Complexity according to Peirce, (GOD)

Jaime Nubiola (Barcelona, 1953) is Professor of Philosophy of Language and Philosophical Methodology at the University of Navarra, Spain. He has been Visiting Scholar at the Universities of Harvard, Glasgow andStanford. He is the author of the books *El compromiso esencialista de la lógica modal* (1984), *La renovación pragmatista de la filosofía analítica* (1994), *El taller de la filosofía. Una introducción a la escritura filosófica* (1999), and of the collections *Claves del pensamiento de C. S. Peirce para el siglo XXI* (Anuario Filosófico XXIX/3, 1996) and *Charles S. Peirce y la abducción* (Analogía Filosófica XII/1, 1998), as well as a good amount of papers on philosophy of language, history of analytic philosophy, American philosophy, Peirce and pragmatism. Since 1994 he has launched in Navarre a Grupo de Estudios Peirceanos to promote the study of C. S. Peirce and pragmatism, especially in Spain and the Spanish-speaking countries.